What do Men want?

It’s arguably the most unexplained phenomenon and seeks explanation by the opposite sex and all encompassing Mankind!

Men are creatures of complexity in thought and yet seek a simplistic existence by nature…it’s the very paradox that frustrates our partners or be it the opposite sex into a frenzy seeking explanation over what makes men tick! Men know through experience that mateship and comradery is instilled from a very young age and in some cases forever in a lifetime! Men embrace one another and simplify the process of communication predominatly through action unlike our counterparts chosing verbal communication. This is an obvious distinction between the genders and men have done so since our Grandfathers Grandfather existence. When summising the average guy: we value competition, sport, socialization and the ‘obvious’ drink. So what has become apparent over time is these superficial and external displays of manhood are only telling part of our story… what lies within???

Men want to understand but actively don’t seek any direction or explanation to dig down deep..the emotive side is naturally a withdrawn feeling which is adopted by most men. If we have a musical bone in our body, a vocal chord that can ring out a tune or display a sign of creativity through visual arts or craft then perhaps that’s as close as any man will show a touch of his softer side!

The words love, feelings, expression and beauty are synonymous with being weak or ‘soft’. These resonate a stereotypical alignment with the opposite sex – you’re too feminine or girly.

So what do men want…???

The question still begs to be answered. We understand what makes them the very fibre on the exterior in being a man but what is their true make up? If it was a job description of the ultimate male it would read: ‘seeking for ambition, some adventure and prowess in sport and bed manner’ whilst many others quite simply say ‘just to get by’!

Do they want to be challenged by the work place, at home or by the world’s curveballs that are ever so complex and present in every day life or just give me tomorrow to worry about it.

I feel as a man we don’t necessarily know exactly what we want until we are presented with something better. It is that very something worth personal sacrifice and that someone that makes us want to be an improved being…if lucky enough to experience, Man becomes the very best he can be!

Whether in today’s world that is a he or she it’s a special companion that will bring out the very best in a Man to fulfill his destiny … accomplish his dreams and fight to make his cherished loved ones feel safe, protected and the most considered beings on the planet. When the Man is willing to sing even when out of tune, break down on one knee confessing his undying true love and share a tear doing so well I guess you well know in that moment …you’re what the Man Wants!

Rob Gauci

Manhor Mens Grooming

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