Top Mens skin , face & body for winter tips:

Guys winter is a time for hibernating with a warm scotch or Red Wine but how are you finding ways to look after your grooming and well being meanwhile?

  • Your joints maybe playing up and or muscles feeling the pinch? Try tiger balm rub it in from excess gym work out and strains whilst Glucosamine for those stiff joints and a warm bath with sea salts definitely help.
  • Dry skin or suffering cracked lips – nourishing moisturiser every day apply on your face and lip balm ‘blistex’ ever so popular and reasonable price
  • Suffering Dry Scalp – Try washing your hair more often boys with a recommended winner Redken Anti Dandruff soothe scalp three times weekly
  • Feeling under weather and prone to colds?  Plenty of water and a mens multi vitamin with fresh food produce will kick you into the right gear!
  • Beards and Hair will get wild and woolly this time of year…plenty of Argon or choice beard oil spread over the beard to keep it reconditioned.
  • For guys hair try a styling wax for that desired look (water pomade for side part n shine or blow wave volume comb over with a malleable paste and texture spray for hold).
  • Fashion is all about layers as it is every winter in Melbourne.  Try a ‘t’ layering with a hoodie and parachute vest for typical melbourne styling with your fav cino’s or slim fit jean. Thongs if you can brave the weather or better still suede slip on.
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