The Men of 2018 – what magnetizes today’s man

It’s a busy and bustling world and at Manhor we see all walks of life here in the mecca of Melbourne CBD.

With over 5,000 visitors through our Little Collins address, the men of Melbourne are ever in tune to what makes them tick.  It’s not at a push of a button or a flippant remark about the weather…it takes a lot more than that to grab and command the attention of the busy man of today.

We’ve learned to understand he’s seemingly time poor, impoverished with free time and a strained and stressed out gent. He really wants to know if the point you make is important or warrants his attention. However, he’s deeply appreciative of the underdog syndrome and he will always smile and listen to that subject who is trying to ’have a go’!

The symbolic nature of  ‘having a go’ can commonly be seen as challenging yourself with a sports goal, taking a leap of faith in a new venture, travelling outside your comfort zone or to do something that rewards another with no self-benefit or gain…which you can also expect him to genuinely say “good on you”.  He’s a believer in human purpose, progress and positive change… as every man should be!

So today’s man in 2018 presents as a semi polished man (ever more present with facial hair), tieless and sporting most often than not colored shirt and dressy chino’s.  He’s jacketless and sporting some smooth leather ensemble shoes to complete the crafty look.

What drives this guy outside of work … he’s a social and family man juggling work engagements with family time.  His family represents a whole cross section of society from conventional wife and kids to never “just” a partner and well-kept pet. He’s excited by catching up with friends in his downtime with a bbq to an afternoon escape down the coast road or dining at fav new chic Melbourne restaurant.  It all works, but there’s never enough time for the good things in life. Just ask him so.

So if you’re looking to connect or influence today’s man, then take note of his present look and his ‘cut to the chase’ attitude and he might just give you his time of day. Over and out for this year man…what will 2019 bring?


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