Men, what is it about Beards in 2014??

There is an increasingly alarming trend evident throughout the cosmopolitan streets of Melbourne. Men are ‘sporting’ hair growths on their face like never before seen in our time. Be it the Ned Kelly or wolverine look alike or as our very own senior stylist has displayed in the classic Puss n Boots mow. All beard shapes and sizes are being unveiled for us to see. Recent news with the Melbourne FC has attracted much attention and many have past judgement with due course perhaps.

Is it a desire to show off an old school masculinity or does it simply give off a sense of manliness with the rugged excessive hair growth?

Do women even find this new look desirable?

This begs to question is it fantasy or truly a new smart of the times… men are becoming ever increasingly conscious of their look and this most definitely makes a statement for good, bad or otherwise so you decide.

One thing is for sure we continue to see the desired look more and more in store at Manhor Chapel street and Little Collins Street and await the next phenomenon that is the flavour for the new age guy strutting his stuff out and about!

Beards off to you Men!

Rob Gauci
Manhor Mens Grooming

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