Men how is your shave treating you?

Melbourne men are asking when visiting our Mens Concept Grooming store (Manhor) the same questions: how do I remove the discomfort of shaving?

Whether you suffer from what feels like  ‘sensitivity’ or ingrown hairs on the neck, then you need to ask yourself perhaps it’s my tools causing the problem rather than the tradesman!

Many men are under the false pretense that a generic shaving gel or cream lather will suffice when preparing the skin for a shave. It’s totally incorrect.  All men need to use a pre shave cream or oil before applying a shaving gel or cream lather.  I recommend the Barbers best kept secret Prorasio Primo e Dopo Cream or E SHave Oil.  Most men actually are only half way there and need to do the following steps to getting  a close and enjoyable shave:

Step 1/ In or out of the shower cleanse daily and exfoliate/scrub once to twice weekly.

Step 2/ Apply a suggested Pre shave cream or oil.  With coarse growth areas apply repeatedly.  Let stimulate and invigorate the shave area for 3-5 minutes.

Step 3/ Apply a shave gel or cream with hands or Brush for better effect.

Step 4/ Heat the shaving blade under hot water and shave with the grain.

Step 5/ Hot Towel against the face

Step 6/ Heat the shaving blade under hot water and shave against the grain.  If sensitive, shave to the side of the grain.

Step 7/ Apply a shave balm to soothe skin and minimse redness.

Welcome guys to a better regime for shave.

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