About Us

The ultimate in men’s grooming

Manhor is all about you, today’s contemporary man. You live life to the fullest and love every minute!

At last, the ‘Metro’ guys of Melbourne have an exclusive one stop shop for male health and body care plus all the services, products and accessories to make it the ultimate experience!

Manhor surrounds you with an ambience of cutting-edge, funky style and sophistication, whilst pampering you with the ultimate experience in male grooming in to bring out your very best!

At Manhor, we believe that ‘men have fun, live life and feel good’. When you know you’re looking suave and sophisticated, you enjoy life to the max! Forget ‘the man of yesterday – become the man of today!

Manhor knows that socially aware men of Melbourne want a unique retreat that offers all the latest services and products to bring out their personal best. Manhor was especially created to provide Men of Melbourne with a complete grooming, styling and wellbeing experience.

Whether you’re a metro man, a busy corporate, a model or a girl looking to update your boy, Manhor makes the perfect haven for guys to relax in an exclusive, stylish and welcoming oasis, while our professional team help you achieve the ultimate in personal presentation!

At Manhor, you’ll find we’re totally switched on to what you really want in personal grooming.

At Manhor – we make the art of looking your best a luxurious, enjoyable experience!

Men Have Fun

Men are all about ‘me’ and why not! You work hard, you play hard, you go after life with a passion. You deserve to look and feel your very best!

At Manhor we provide a new experience – the ultimate in health and body care services and products. Yes, we are having fun with men’s grooming!

It’s not a forbidden world to be waxing, tanning or having a facial. At Manhor, we encourage you to have fun with it. Schmooze yourself at our first class men’s beauty and grooming studio. We want you to feel as if you’re part of an exclusive men’s club, because that’s the kind of experience that Manhor provides.

Live Life

Life is all about the ‘here and now’! And its ‘here’ at Manhor that you can ‘now’ look and feel your best!

Men… this is what the Manhor experience offers you!

The Manhor ultimate experience is yours; after work, at lunch time, funkying it up for that special day or occasion. Manhor understands you want to make an impression. You want to make a statement! You want to look your damn best!

Quite simply, at Manhor, we ‘get it’!

Feel Good

When you take away a piece of the Manhor experience every time you visit, we want to make you feel good and realise that you’re a man making a statement…

That’s the ‘Manhor Mandate’!